Bless (Caldwell)

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Multiply Blessings

From Quinn G. Caldwell (of the Stillspeaking Writers' Group) comes a booklet and DVD designed to help you take the art of blessing out into your life.

Bless your morning coffee, your child's backpack, and your new tattoo. Extend a blessing when you leave a place forever, when you hear a siren on the street, and when you're surfing the web.

"Nothing is exempt from blessing," says author Quinn Caldwell.

For My Morning Coffee
"Lord, send thy Holy Spirit on this cup.
Make it only the beginning of my awakening,
Just the first of many eye-openings,
The least of the arising you help me achieve today. Amen."

About the Stillspeaking Writers' Group

The Stillspeaking Writers' Group is made up of United Church of Christ ministers, pastors, and authors who collaborate on a variety of resources for people in the church, outside the church, and not so sure about the church. Their motto: "Hearing God where you live (and other surprising places)."