Pastors Sound Off | Causes We Can't Keep Quiet About

Pastors Sound Off | Causes We Can't Keep Quiet About

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What makes these pastors so mad?

Well, there’s Christian homophobia, using Jesus for political purposes, sloppy thinking about immigration, contempt for religion, income inequality. . . and more. 

In this collection of brief and very personal essays, eleven pastors and preachers “sound off” on the issues that get them so worked up they can’t shut up! Following each essay, you’ll find several provocative questions for discussion or reflection.

These aren’t impersonal position statements—they are passionate arguments, rooted in faith, written from very personal perspectives. From pretending racism is over, to churches in denial about addiction, these writers address social issues and justice concerns that you probably have strong feelings about, too.

As you read this book, you will discover—or rediscover—a cause that has your name on it—either one written about here or something else entirely. When you do, think about ways you can share your passionate convictions so they can be a gift to others, as well.

ISBN: 978-0-8298-2022-5