Drinking Pure Light | Daily Poems of Courage, Compassion, and Surrender (Datsko de Sanchez)

Drinking Pure Light | Daily Poems of Courage, Compassion, and Surrender (Datsko de Sanchez)

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Quench Your Thirst

Courage is not certainty; it is trust.
The acorn falling to the loamy ground
has no certainty of what comes next...
It trusts the truth of splitting open,
reaching deep, and drinking in light.
—Tina Datsko de Sánchez

Inspired by the writings of Rumi and Hafiz, Thich Nhat Hanh and St. Teresa of Ávila, Drinking Pure Light is a daily waterfall of grace, a cascade of revelation, a ray of intimacy breaking through the cloud of fatigue with the good news: you are not alone. 

Drinking Pure Light: Daily Poems of Courage, Compassion, and Surrender is a soul-searching collection of poetry for daily reading. It is the third of four books from The Pilgrim Press written by Tina Datsko de Sánchez

Encounter the Divine

"It is through intimacy with the Beloved that religion makes sense or nonsense. Tina's poems invite us to a rapturous encounter that eclipses any catechism in significance. ... Her poetry induces encounter with the divine." 

—excerpted from the Foreword by the Rev. Jim Burklo,
Office of Religious Life, University of Southern California

    About the Author

    Tina Datsko de Sánchez is an author and filmmaker whose work won 14 Hopwood Awards and the Los Angeles Art Council Award. Her bilingual poetry book, The Delirium of Simón Bolivar, won the Phi Kappa Phi Award. She wrote and produced the feature documentary, Searching for Simón Bolivar: One Poet's Journey. She serves as Poet in Residence at the First Congregational Church in Long Beach, CA.

    Award-winning mixed media artist Loryn Spangler-Jones created original artwork for the cover of Drinking Pure Light.

    Paperback: 126 pages
    ISBN 978-0-8298-1232-9
    Open Waters Publishing