100 Spiritual Movies to See Before You Die (Zukowski)

100 Spiritual Movies to See Before You Die (Zukowski)

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The unconventional savior. The redemption tale. The creation story.

Spiritual themes permeate the big screen—also the little screen and the streaming screen—and they are prevalent not only in religious films but secular ones too.

Dead Man Walking
Groundhog Day
Chariots of Fire
Life of Pi
Malcolm X.

In 100 Spiritual Movies to See Before You Die, religion & pop culture journalist John A. Zukowski reflects on twelve major spiritual themes in the world of cinema, as traced through 100 must-see movies.

Perfect for book clubs and movie junkies, for adult Sunday schools and spiritual-but-not-religious conversations, 100 Spiritual Movies to See Before You Die includes discussion questions, Bible quotes, and religious terms as a point of entry for engagement with each film.

Bring the popcorn and prepare to veg out on a rich catalog of movies!

About the Author

John A. Zukowski is a freelance writer and journalist who specializes in spirituality and pop culture. His book, Christmas on the Screen, was published in 2021 from The Pilgrim Press. 

Paperback: 356 pages

You can watch John discuss "Spirituality and Pop Culture" in this 2022 webinar held with the United Church of Christ: