Hollywatts | From the Promised Land to Purgatory (Cribbs)

Hollywatts | From the Promised Land to Purgatory (Cribbs)

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The Great Migration

Madness embraces us 
There is no rest
Fighting for a cause
Without reason or test.

The Great Migration of the twentieth century was both flight and pursuit, as African Americans fled north and west out of the South's Jim Crow violence, chasing the freedom of equality.

But the community havens created in such promised lands as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles were quickly haunted by governmental discrimination. Legal racism in housing, employment, policing, and drug policies created a purgatory that seemed beyond escape. 

One witness to this history, journalist and pastor Art Cribbs, tells the story of his family's Great Migration experience and the racism that undermined their pursuit of a promised land in Los Angeles County. Hollywatts is a clarion call to stand against the insidious currents of racism.

About the Author

The Rev. Dr. Arthur "Art" Lawrence Cribbs, Jr., is the son of a Baptist pastor and social activist mother. Art has been a journalist, an executive director of a social justice organization, and a church pastor.