Exodus | "Listen Up!" Bible Study (Robinson)

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The uniqueness of the Listen Up! Bible Study series:

God's word is alive, with something new to say to all of us.

That's why the Listen Up! Bible Study series does not simply teach information about the Bible. It listens to God speak.

In these Bible studies, you will be encouraged to listen: listen to the Bible, listen to your own questions and responses, and listen to the honest sharing among participants in your study group. In that mix of biblical text, personal engagement, and honest speaking and listening, God's word may be heard, speaking challenge and comfort. (Browse the collection of Listen Up! Bible studies.)

Exodus Listen Up! Bible Study

If we want to come to know God -- the God of Abraham and Sarah, of Moses and Miriam, of Mary and Paul, and the God who is still speaking today -- then diving deeply into Exodus is among the very best ways to do that.

Exodus is a constant call to remember our identity and vocation as people of God. Much like the ancient Israelites were tempted and battered to accept the status quo, the Church is forever tempted to settled down and make peace with the world as it is. When that happens, God calls us out into the wilderness -- onto an exodus journey -- delivering us for the sake of God's mission in the world.

  • Part 1 of Exodus Listen Up! studies the story of grace, in which God acts to deliver the Israelites from bondage.
  • Part 2 of Exodus Listen Up!, which begins with the Ten Commandments, studies how those who have experienced God's grace are called to live in response to this gift.

Leader's Guide included in this workbook.
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About the Author

Anthony B. Robinson is a United Church of Christ minister, speaker, teacher, and writer.