Getting Ready for Baptism, 2nd Edition

Getting Ready for Baptism, 2nd Edition

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Navigate the Waters

Getting Ready for Baptism has honest answers to real questions, such as:

  • When, where, and how old?
  • How should a parent get ready for their child's baptism?
  • How does an adult prepare to be baptized?

Abandon all preconceived notions you might have about baptism. It's time for a fresh navigation of the ancient waters of this sacrament.

Written by a group of progressive Christian leaders, Getting Ready for Baptism seeks deepen our understanding of the sacrament of baptism, including: baptism in the Bible, the promises of baptism, and what's expected beyond baptism.

Whether you parent or pastor someone who is getting baptized, or are considering baptism for yourself, you'll find a fount of wisdom in Getting Ready for Baptism.

About the Writers

The Stillspeaking Writers' Group is made up of United Church of Christ ministers, pastors, and authors who collaborate on a variety of resources for people in the church, outside the church, and not so sure about the church. Their motto: "Hearing God where you live (and other surprising places)."

ISBN 978-0-8298-2137-6