Shepherding the Seasons | Stories from a Life with Two Flocks (Foote)

Shepherding the Seasons | Stories from a Life with Two Flocks (Foote)

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We all have to deal with a little poop.

In Shepherding the Seasons, shepherd and pastor Catherine Foote shares lessons and reflections on living life through muddy byre and miraculous wonder alike. 

Catherine has a clean and sturdy manger at the church for Christmas pageants, a dirty and wobbly manger in her barn for alfalfa, and more than enough "lost sheep" sermons for a preacher's portfolio ... and she shares them all with a storytelling flair.

Through joy and despair, from lambing days to Lenten days, Shepherding the Seasons uplifts wisdom for all of life's seasons.

Praise for Shepherding the Seasons

"In a time when the church is challenged to help its members disconnect from devices and reconnect with the rhythms of creation, Shepherding the Seasons allows us a glimpse into the agrarian sensibilities that gave birth to much of the scripture and invites us to slow down and listen for the voice of the Creator."
 - Derrick Weston, Program Director, HopeSprings

"A most beautiful book! Inspiration and enjoyment in every chapter. With wonderful stories and humor, the author leads us to a deeper understanding of the seasons of our lives."
 - Vivienne Hull, Founding Director of the Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island WA

"Shepherding the Seasons is a labor of love, inviting us to find our own shepherding vocation in our care for others and the planet. I couldn't put this book down, and I will come back to it often to gain new insights on the seasons of the Christian year."
 - Bruce Epperly, author of over 50 books on practical theology, ministry, and spirituality

About the Author

Catherine Foote tends the flock of University Congregational UCC in Seattle, WA, and a flock of Romney sheep on Whidbey Island. She enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, including triathlons and hiking.

ISBN 978-0-8298-2108-6