Difference & Identity | A Theological Anthropology (McFarland) PDF Download

Difference & Identity | A Theological Anthropology (McFarland) PDF Download

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Bridging the "Other" Divide

What does it mean to be human within the wide diversity of humanity? And how does Jesus' life shape our understanding of, and encounter with, the "other"?

Difference & Identity urges a celebration of difference—rather than the diminishment of difference—as a means toward the goal of human identity.

Reflecting on scripture and theology, Ian A. McFarland explores the way in which Jesus' personhood shapes our own personhood as well as our understanding of persons who are different from us. "We are persons because God treats us as such by speaking to us the same Word that is constitutive of the personal life of the Trinity."

About the Author

Ian A. McFarland has served as a professor of theology at the University of Cambridge and Candler School of Theology. He has authored six books, including his first book from The Pilgrim Press, Listening to the Least: Doing Theology from the Outside In (1998).

Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-1445-3

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