The Unicorn at the Manger | Animal Stories of the Holy Night

The Unicorn at the Manger | Animal Stories of the Holy Night

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Praise for The Unicorn at the Manger

“Well suited for family reading...” 
Publishers Weekly

“Roger Robbennolt’s The Unicorn at the Manger is an interwoven collection of imaginative, heartfelt tales for Christmas that can be read and enjoyed all year long. These stories are filled with compassion and love that will be cherished from generation to generation, any time, any season.”  
– Children’s Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review

Fresh Insight into a Familiar Story

Master storyteller Roger Robbennolt captures the hearts of people of all ages with magical stories of a hodgepodge crèche. This collection of interwoven tales begins when a ceramic unicorn is added to the manger scene—because, of course, “no one should ever desert a unicorn on Christmas Eve.” With the unicorn’s help, tales unfold: “The Outcast Pig,” “The Goat Who Gave,” “The Gobbling Clown,” “The Ram Who Remained,” and twelve more stories of the roles animals played in the birth and life of Jesus.

Whether you read these imaginative tales to yourself or read them aloud with children, The Unicorn at the Manger will bring joy and wonder for years to come.

Interior artwork by Wesley Bedrosian, whose work has since appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe.

About the Author

Roger L. Robbennolt served as a United Church of Christ minister and authored Tales of Gletha the Goat Lady, Tales of Hermit Uncle John, and Tales of Tony Great Turtle.

United Church Press 1996, revised 2019
Paperback: 136 pages (5 x 7 in.)
ISBN 978-0-8298-2012-6