About Us

The Pilgrim Press is a bold voice with a rich heritage. We inherit the written word of United Church of Christ ancestors—generations of seekers, teachers, protestors, singers, preachers, and dreamers. Today we publish books that nurture spiritual growth, cultivate religious leadership, and provoke the soul for the sake of a just world.

Bearing the name of Elder William Brewster's Pilgrim Press (publishing from 1617-1619 in Leiden, Holland), the history of The Pilgrim Press includes the Bay Psalm Book produced in 1640 by the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony—making ours the oldest English language publishing tradition in North America.

We are all pilgrims, striving after insight in life and faith. The Pilgrim Press is a daring adventurer and trusted companion along the way, bearing testimony that there is “more truth and light yet to break forth.” 

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Staff information about The Pilgrim Press is available at ucc.org.