Abundant Lives | A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing (Udis-Kessler)

Abundant Lives | A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing (Udis-Kessler)

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Praise for Abundant Lives

"One of the best introductions to progressive Christian living I have ever seen."
—Brian D. McLaren, author of Do I Stay Christian?
"A dazzling yet practical life ethic... This slim volume punches way above its weight."
—Marvin M. Ellison, author of Making Love Just
"A must-read for anyone who senses that there might be more to life than partisan divisiveness, ideological separations, and cultural fragmentations."
—Dwight J. Friesen, author of 2020s Foresight

What is the purpose of freedom?

We can debate freedom, rights, and justice . . . but what is the purpose of such debates if they do not tangibly contribute to human flourishing? Abundant Lives: A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing invites our engagement in shared well-being, based on Jesus' commandments to love God, our neighbors, ourselves, and our enemies.

Through Abundant Lives, Amanda Udis-Kessler provokes rich conversation so that we might understand—and enact—the Kindom of God as a realm of human and planetary flourishing.

Free study guide available

For deeper engagement with Abundant Lives, download the free study guide. This resource is intended for small groups, Bible studies, Sunday schools, book clubs, and all others who wish to discuss the ethics of flourishing. 

About the author

A former sociology professor, Amanda Udis-Kessler, PhD, is an author of academic and liturgical writings and a composer of progressive sacred music.

Paperback: 148 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-0057-9