Slug and Snail Search for Home (Manfredini & Gould)

Slug and Snail Search for Home (Manfredini & Gould)

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Animal Besties

Frog and Toad. Charlotte and Wilbur. Elephant and Piggie. 

Now meet Slug and Snail, the slowest fast friends, on a journey to discover the meaning of home. This dynamic duo journey across land and water to find a home where Slug can belong. As the two travel, they explore the shelters of other animal friends.

Slug and Snail Search for Home is a read-along delight that will appeal to adults as well as children.

What Is Home?

Praise for Slug and Snail Search for Home

A heartwarming story of friendship, acceptance, and belonging. A conversation-starter about issues such as homelessness, compassion, and not judging by appearances.” 
 Mia Wenjen, co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, 

Slug and Snail Search for Home offers children (and adults) the tools to discuss the importance of home, safety, companionship, and love.” 

 The Rev. Evan M. Dolive, Seeking Imperfection: Body Image, Marketing, and God

With beautiful illustrations and lovely text, Meredith Gould and Rebecca Manfredini invite us to journey with new friends [as] they soon discover already existshome is not a building or structure we find to place over ourselves but an awareness that we are an integral part of all creation."

— The Rev. Gary Alan Shockley, My Heart Sings a Sad Song


About the Authors

Meredith Gould is an artist and author, whose nonfiction books include Desperately Seeking Spirituality, Staying Sober, and Transcending Generations. Slug and Snail Search for Home features her first children's book illustrations. Follow Meredith's work on Instagram @themeredithgould.arts and at

Becky Manfredini is a longtime writer and author of children's songs, videos, and educational products. During her years teaching elementary school, she invited students into a safe space where they could feel at home  much like the characters in Slug and Snail Search for Home. For more information, visit

When Merry met Becky, they were five years old and starting kindergarten at Franklin Elementary School in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Moving to different parts of the country and sometimes losing touch for years never stopped them from knowing that, one day, they'd collaborate on something special  and here it is!

Hardcover 10" x 8"
32 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-2172-7