Finding Jesus on the Metro | And Other Surprises Doing Church in a New Day (Nixon)

Finding Jesus on the Metro | And Other Surprises Doing Church in a New Day (Nixon)

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Traveling toward a New Way of Being Church

Finding Jesus on the Metro, Nixon’s first book since his bestseller I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church!, explores what it means for a church to be on a ministry journey into the unchartered territory of unprecedented social change in 21st century America.

Nixon has created an excellent tool for church leaders that: 1) helps them to recognize that their ministry must change in order to be effective and 2) equips them with the necessary resources to implement and cultivate this change. 

Divided into two sections, Finding Jesus on the Metro first looks at the communities and cultures that shape and influence this generation of young adults, then describes how churches can be a part of this influence, and outlines the journey that its leaders and members will go on as they become the faith community that the newest generations of Americans need.

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About the Author

Paul Nixon, an author and ordained minister, lives in Washington, DC. He works with scores of ministry pioneers in DC and around the nation who seek to create fresh expressions of faith community, especially in the UCC and UMC denominations. He is President/CEO of Epicenter Group ( and also Readiness 360 ( Nixon also serves as a New Church Development Strategist for the Path 1 project of The United Methodist Church. 

Paperback: 144 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in.)
ISBN 978-0-8298-1854-3