Beyond the Comma | Life at the Intersection (Chase)

Beyond the Comma | Life at the Intersection (Chase)

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Embracing the Pause

The comma is a simple mark of punctuation. It separates all that has come before from whatever is to follow. Likewise, on the journey of life, we encounter those “comma times”—some intricately planned and self-created (a sabbatical; a day of reflection; a solitary prayer); others are imposed, sometimes violently or without warning, by external forces.

This book challenges the reader to be attentive to those moments. They literally give us pause. And, in those times, we are increasingly aware that life consists of multi-layered intersections—some deeply personal; some corporate, even global. As we engage these intersections and explore their interrelationship, we become more whole.

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Through personal memoirs and reflections on public events, the narrative in this book explores these intersections and seeks to offer insights to readers as they seek to navigate the waters of their own lives. 

In his farewell remarks at Andrews Air Force Base, President Obama reminded us: “This is just a little pit stop. This is not a period. This is a comma in the continuing story of building America.”

About the Author

Robert Chase is Founding Director of Intersections International, a global initiative of the Collegiate Church of New York, the oldest corporation in North America, dating back to 1628. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and earned his M.Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey. Chase served as Director of Communication for the United Church of Christ, and was founder and President of Creative Connections in Media. He is an award-winning video producer/director with more than 100 productions to his credit.  

Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-2043-0