Faithful and True | A Study Guide to the Book of Revelation (Carey)

Faithful and True | A Study Guide to the Book of Revelation (Carey)

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A dragon and two beasts. A war in the heavens.

What should modern readers make of the wildly fantastical Revelation to John? New Testament scholar Greg Carey offers an accessible guide to the biblical book of Revelation, inviting us not to decode every symbol (or tame every dragon) but rather to engage in the urgent questions of power and loyalty.

Praise for Faithful and True

"Greg Carey leads us into the thicket of this apocalypse while keeping his eyes on justice and how this text can provide vision for our society."
- Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight

"Revelation raises so many questions and Professor Carey leads the way in navigating this complicated and fascinating scripture."
- Rev. Carrie Call

"Carey orients us to a 'faithful and true' focus on the 'faithful and true' Christ--a vital corrective to fanciful and false readings of Revelation that remain wildly popular."
- F. Scott Spencer

About the Author

Greg Carey is Professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary and author of Using Our Outside Voice: Public Biblical Interpretation, Stories Jesus Told: How to Read a Parable, and New Testament Apocalyptic Literature, among other titles.

Paperback: 112 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-2173-4