Processing Fee | Permissions

Processing Fee | Permissions

  • $25.00

The online payment option for the $25 processing fee, in conjunction with a permissions request, is only to be used if you are explicitly directed by The Pilgrim Press to submit your payment electronically.

Use the "imprinting" field to identify the copyrighted material (e.g. hymn or book title) when you add the processing fee to your shopping cart.

If you are seeking permission from The Pilgrim Press for the use of a hymn or book, please check One License (hymns) or Copyright Clearance Center (books) before emailing with your request.

Do not submit a processing fee if you have not requested and been granted permission for the use of copyrighted material.

Before submitting a permissions request to The Pilgrim Press, please contact these permissions outlets:

If you have additional questions, visit our Permissions Page.