Provoking the Gospel of Mark | A Storyteller's Commentary - Year B (Swanson)

Provoking the Gospel of Mark | A Storyteller's Commentary - Year B (Swanson)

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Studying Mark

Vigorous readings of the Gospels do not just happen: they are poked and prodded into life. Sometimes it is death and disaster that provoke them; other times it is a sudden thrill of joyful insight. Sometimes the story itself rears up, provoking new and astonishing readings. 

Provoking the Gospel of Mark, the first book in the Provoking the Gospel series, spurs efforts to provoke pastoral leaders and religious educators with new and lively readings of Mark, and challenges them to experiment with interpretive tools such as embodied ensemble exploration.

The book includes an appendix that contains a full, new translation of the Gospel of Mark and a companion DVD with illustrations of the process of script analysis and the performance that lies behind this way of storytelling.

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About the Author

Richard Swanson is professor of religion/philosophy/classics at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He received his Ph.D. and his M.Div. from Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary.

Hardcover: 349 pages
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