The New Century Hymnal | A Pipe-Organ Accompaniment CD

The New Century Hymnal | A Pipe-Organ Accompaniment CD

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Permissions Notice

The Pilgrim Press cannot grant an "umbrella" performance license for the use of this CD's music during a recorded/streamed worship service, because Pilgrim does not hold the copyright on all hymns in The New Century Hymnal. Please visit our partner, One License, to seek permission to use individual hymns in your recorded/stream worship service.

Organ Accompaniment for Worship

For congregational worship and personal devotion, all 617 hymns from The New Century Hymnal are recorded by UCC organists. The multi-volume CD set contains four cases, each with a booklet that has the hymn number, name, track, and play-time for easy use and worship planning.

  • Volume I (Discs 1-7): The New Century Hymnal Hymns 1-123
  • Volume II (Discs 8-15): The New Century Hymnal Hymns 124-271
  • Volume III (Discs 16-25): The New Century Hymnal Hymns 272-457
  • Volume IV (Discs 26-34): The New Century Hymnal Hymns 458-617

Note: The New Century Hymnal Accompaniment CDs can only be purchased as a complete set of four volumes.

"These accompaniments, played on gorgeous instruments by gifted artists, will not only meet the needs of congregations currently without a resident musician, they will also creatively enhance many other ministries and programs of the church. I remember, for example, my home communion visits as a pastor. How wonderful it would have been to take with me the cherished music of the church that had always been such an important part of their life."
--Rev. John Thomas, Former General Minister and President, United Church of Christ

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