Another Scroll | Defiant Readings for Lectionary Year C (Brooks)

Another Scroll | Defiant Readings for Lectionary Year C (Brooks)

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 A Sacred Invitation

You have been told to study the ancient texts. Has no one ever given you permission to read -- and to keep on reading -- until you find yourself between the pages?

To the Revised Common Lectionary schedule of readings for Year C, Amy G. S. A. Brooks adds another scroll of holy texts: gritty, fiercely loving, justice-minded poems that defy theological oppression. Another Scroll offers a poetic reflection on scripture for each Sunday and feast day, helping the texts to unfurl in courageous affirmation of the reader.

As Brooks notes and Another Scroll upholds: "Beloved, in case no one has told you: you are whole, you are holy, you are wholly loved."

About the Author

Amy G. S. A. Brooks is a cisgender, queer, Australian-born poet and pastor, who loves a good cup of hot tea and hates mornings. Amy is deeply familiar with grief and trauma; she finds truth and meaning in the spaces where humanity encounters the Divine.

Paperback: 136 pages
ISBN 978-0-8298-2177-2

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