Faith Practices | Group Sets (Downloadable PDFs)

Faith Practices | Group Sets (Downloadable PDFs)

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About Faith Practices

Using distinctive practices of faith -- such as "Keeping Sabbath" or "Playing and Living Joyfully" -- Faith Practices is a set of versatile, all-encompassing resources designed to revolutionize the way congregations equip their members for lives of faith.

Faith Practices' non-linear, activities-based approach can be used with a wide variety of age groups or church settings. The sessions and practices for each faith practice were developed by a team of UCC writers from various churches across the country.

The role of the leader in Faith Practices is to be a pilgrim guide. A leader does not need to be an "expert" on the particular faith practice being explored, but is someone who can honor the capacity of all participants to be interpreters of the faith and of faith stories.

Faith Practices' non-linear, activities-based approach can be used for a wide variety of age groups, church settings, and ministry purposes. For communities seeking to focus on spiritual practices for one particular group or purpose, Faith Practices is available for purchase in the following sets:

  • Worship, Music, Arts, and Story
  • Seekers and New Church Participants
  • Intergenerational
  • Workshop Rotation
  • Adults (ages 35 and above)
  • Young Adults (ages 18-35)
  • Older Youth (ages 15-19)
  • Youth (ages 11-15)
  • Older Children (ages 7-11)
  • Young Children (ages 3-7)
  • Multi-age (ages 5-14)
  • Denominational Identity and History

Faith Practices was developed by a team of UCC writers from various churches across the country. Each practice of faith is explored in six ways: Discovery, Scripture, Discipleship, Christian Tradition, Context & Mission, Future & Vision. The twelve practices of faith are:

In addition, a "Daily Life" set of the twelve practices is available for individual and/or household use.

Faith Practices is designed to be a "living curriculum" that invigorates congregational life in worship, learning, and serving. 


With purchase, permission is granted for use by a single congregation for one (1) year from the purchase date. No part of this download may be reproduced or transmitted--beyond the group using the materials--in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher. 

PDF Download

All PDFs will be emailed to you as a download. Nothing will be shipped. Once you place your order, you will be sent a link to download your Faith Practices lessons.

Putting Faith Practices to Use

Imagine: 12 spiritual practices, crafted for 12 diverse groups and purposes, with 100s of activities, able to be used over and over in exciting ways ... and your congregation can have them all for only $300. No passwords. No renewals. No expiration dates. What might your congregation do with such a resource?

  • Invite all those interested to meet at a coffee shop or café to engage Daily Life with the twelve practices.
  • Have your leadership choose a spiritual practice to engage together for one year. 
  • Use prayers and other worship ideas to inspire choir practices, mission activities, youth group gatherings, church work days, and more.
  • Compile activity suggestions for use at home, and share them with every household in your congregation.
  • Use the Living Stewardship materials for a year to engage stewardship holistically and creatively as a faith community.
  • Pick a practice and use that resource to plan an all-church retreat or annual meeting.
  • Use the Scriptures from Faith Practices to plan Bible study sessions ... for a group and/or for yourself.

There are many fantastic ways to make Faith Practices work in your community! Think outside the box – there’s no wrong way!