Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ | Volume 1 (Zikmund, ed.)

Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ | Volume 1 (Zikmund, ed.)

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What Histories Are Lesser Known?

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a denomination that reflects the pluralistic story of American Protestantism. Created in 1957, the UCC has brought together ecclesiastical bodies rooted in English Puritanism, American frontier revivalism, and German religious history. In this book, the contributors attempt to move beyond the four main streams of the UCC -- the UCC "historical orthodoxy."

This collection of essays expands knowledge about the diversity of the UCC, and connects the UCC with many significant developments in American religious and ethnic history. It explores such areas as:

  • Native American Protestantism,
  • Black Christian churches,
  • Armenian Congregationalism's missionary beginnings,
  • Deaconess ministries,
  • tthe Calvin Synod (Hungarian),
  • Japanese-American Congregationalists,
  • and more.

Contributors include: Clifford Alika, Percel O. Alston, John Butosi, William G. Chrystal, Clara Merritt DeBoer, Sally A. Dries, Serge F. Hummon, Martha B. Kriebel, Miya Okawara, Ruth W. Rasche, John C. Shetler, Vahan H. Tootikian, and Barbara Brown Zikmund.

About the Editor

Barbara Brown Zikmund, retired, was President of Hartford Seminary and Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of Church History at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. She was also Assistant Professor and Director of Studies at Chicago Theological Seminary. Zikmund is a member of the UCC Historical Council.

United Church Press
ISBN 978-0-8298-0704-7

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