Outreach and Diversity | Volume 5, The Living Theological Heritage of the United Church of Christ

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Outreach and Diversity examines the social missions and justice-minded actions of Christians in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. Edited by Margaret Lamberts Bendroth, Lawrence N. Jones, and Robert A. Schneider. (Volume 5 Table of Contents)

Volume 5: ISBN 978-0-8298-1111-7
Published 2000

About The Living Theological Heritage of the United Church of Christ:

Few of us understand the remarkable theological past of the United Church of Christ, and when we do look for information, it is difficult to find the sources. The Living Theological Heritage of the United Church of Christ presents documents, source materials and insights that will both inform, and give you a better understanding of the United Church of Christ. 

Series editor Barbara Brown Zikmund.

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The Seven Volumes of TLTH

Volume 1 - Ancient and Medieval Legacies 
Volume 2 - Reformation Roots
Volume 3 - Colonial and National Beginnings
Volume 4 - Consolidation and Expansion
Volume 5 - Outreach and Diversity
Volume 6 - Growing Toward Unity
Volume 7 - United and Uniting

All seven volumes are also available as ebooks.

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